Our Signature Feasibility Study

Our unique planning and design service package fills the gap between dream and reality and helps clients get started in a direction they can get excited about.

Exploring multiple floorplan options ensure we’ve thought through everything. Intuitive space planning translates their inspiration into a cohesive design plan. Wholistic build strategies identify the opportunities or potential pitfalls of every project. A comprehensive budget assigns value to our clients wish lists offers them full transparency, right from the start.

This keeps our clients in the driver’s seat without the pressure of commitment.

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Designing for Renovations

More of an art form than a science, planning + design of a renovation often takes critical strategy and fluid adaptability.

We give great consideration to the existing design elements and character, our client’s style and family needs, resale value, structural implications, cohesive material selections at every budget point and how all of that impacts scope, budget and timeline.

We recognize that these spaces need to be treated with care and by closely collaborating with our clients, we ensure their inspiration and ideas are considered, implemented and polished while we lead with our insight, experience and training. We do the heavy lifting so that our clients can enjoy the experience.

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Managing Successful Renovations

We are leading the evolution of the design + build industry. Successful renovations require an intuitive design plan that accounts for surprises, a skilled team to collaborate with, constant client communication and a strong dose of common sense.It’s not difficult to deliver projects that are on time and on budget, which is why we always start our clients off with our signature a Feasibility Study.

Our established approach alleviates most of our client’s typical stress and anxieties making pace for them to enjoy the exciting experience of watching their space transform. We marry our full-service planning, interior design and project management, to ensure every detail is considered so that time, money and energy are maximized and so that our client’s get what they want.

We’ve spent decades renovating homes. If you would like us to transform yours, let’s get started.

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